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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force on May 25, 2018. The territorial scope of the regulation includes non-EU companies that are offering goods or services to individuals in the EU, or are monitoring behaviour of people who are in the EU, for example by using cookies or other tracking devices.

All non-EU companies will have to clarify and determine if they need to designate a representative in the EU, to act on their behalf. This representative will be the point of contact for the EU data protection authorities and the targeted people in the EU. Non-compliance with the GDPR can result in penalties up to 20M EUR or 4% of the global turnover of the company. Not having a representative can result in penalties up to 10M EUR or 2% of the global turnover of the company. Besides this, the EU representative will help your company become compliant with the GDPR as a whole and with it mitigating the following risks:

Penalties up to 10M EUR or 2% of global turnover for not having a representative in the EU;

Business discontinuity of the EU-operations through supervisory interventions;

Reputation issues, potentially resulting in loss of customers because of negative media coverage and exposure.

To assess and determine if your company requires an EU data protection representative we provide a free assessment tool, which is available on this website. The tool will quickly help you identify if you are in the territorial scope of the GDPR and to what extend you are subject to the increased regulatory risks.

In case you require an EU Representative we can advice you on the appropriate next steps, based on your current European activities, the targeted audience and your growth ambitions.

First European Data Rep, offers EU representative services to non-EU companies and acts, on their behalf, as a single point of contact for the EU supervisory authorities and individuals, on all issues related to your personal data processing activities in the EU. We will work with reputable privacy lawyers only who will assist you and us in determining your company’s GDPR compliance readiness and the next steps to follow to realize full GDPR compliance.

We refer to article 3.2 & 27 of the GDPR

Our key offering is:

  • providing a free self-evaluation tool to clarify and determine if you need an EU representative
  • providing the EU representative services or establishing and maintaining a dedicated legal entity for you that can fulfil this task
  • act as single point of contact for the EU supervisory authorities and individuals to comply with the transparency and accountability requirements of the GDPR
  • performing a preliminary assessment during the onboarding process to assess your GDPR readiness
  • propose a compliance roadmap of your EU-operations
  • offering a best-practice GDPR governance and compliance framework, tools and methods to deliver the roadmap

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